Advancing Physician & Patient Awareness for Early Lyme Disease Diagnosis

Educating physicians to Think Lyme

  • Increase physician knowledge of Lyme disease diagnosis,  when conventional  laboratory testing is negative or inconclusive - change the thinking
  • Increase physician understanding why misdiagnosis is so prevalent and the dangers of dismissal and patient risks associated with untreated tick-borne infections 
  • Increase physician education of accepted practice guidelines for treatment protocol or referral to a Lyme-literate medical doctor, LLMD

Educating the public to Think Lyme

  • Understand common symptoms of Lyme disease and tick-borne infections
  • Challenge results of mainstream physician testing and misdiagnosis based on symptoms, in turn teaching your physician about the disease. You’d be amazed how few physicians are literate and how controversial this condition really is. 
  • Understand proper protocol if bitten by a tick
  • Take precautions against Lyme disease