A road to recovery

Healing is unique for every Lyme patient

Healing and recovery from Lyme disease and tick-borne infections.

It’s important to understand that a cure and healing are two very different things, especially when it comes to Lyme and tick-borne infections. 

There is is no cure. But there is healing. 

The microbes associated with this disease usually lie dormant in the immune system, but if your immune system is worn out from either illness, stress or trauma, the bacteria attacks and shows itself. It usually and wants to live harmoniously undetected in the immune system, drilling itself with its corkscrew make up in to fatty tissue within the body (joints, brain, heart). Once symptomatic the body needs to get to a place where these stealth microbes once again lie dormant. Therefore, you rebuilding the immune system through a unique cocktail of mind, diet, herbal and antibiotic treatments are necessary to healing. 

Most doctors don't understand the complexities so it is imperative to find a Lyme literate medical doctor (LLMD). LLMDs are certified physicians or naturopaths who specialize in treating patients with Lyme disease. Most LLMDs do not take insurance.

There is no one specific treatment protocol that is the key towards recovery. Why is this?  Tick-borne pathogens often carry other diseases along with Lyme including co-infections, toxins and metals suppressing the immune system leaving the body entirely vulnerable to other complex infections and problems. It is multi-systemic condition affecting gut health, mold and yeast growth. Detoxification is crucial to the die-off of bacteria and removal of such toxins.  Dry brushing the skin and taking daily epsom salt lukewarm baths are the easiest ways to detoxify and find relief from your symptoms.

Self care - Lymies' rules to live by

Self care is not easy for most. It means putting yourself first - relinquishing routines, responsibilities, and expectations. It means listening to your body and slowing the pace down a bit.

For Lymies, it means a daily regimen of countless supplements and pills, whether thats antibiotics, vitamins, or probiotics. Lyme disease treatment means daily detoxification to remove the die-off of spirochetes in your body. A hope of Lyme disease remission means the goal of strengthening your immune system and whatever your body needs to reach that goal.

  • Go organic
  • Change your diet - Paleo diet is best (NO SUGAR, NO DAIRY, NO GLUTEN). If you eat these, you are just feeding the spirochetes.
  • Drink plenty of alkaline water (spirochetes hate alkaline)
  • Dry skin brushing followed by a lukewarm epsom salt bath
  • Stretching and light exercise
  • Take your supplements (Probiotics, Fish Oil, Grapeseed extract, Omega 3s, Curcumin, Olive Leaf Extract, Vitamin D, Cat's Claw)
  • Remove any metals from the body (teeth filings) and any foreign objects (silicone or saline) 
  • Keep the body pure
  • And as much as possible, de-stress.